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Remote Professionals

In a dynamic era where adaptability is key, remote workers stand at the forefront, seamlessly integrating into diverse industries, from startups to established enterprises. These dedicated bilingual professionals possess a wealth of skills and knowledge, empowering them to handle a myriad of tasks with finesse and precision.

Administrative Assistants:

Efficiently manages office tasks, schedules, and correspondence, ensuring seamless operations for enhanced productivity.



Marketing Specialists:

Supports marketing initiatives with research, content creation, and campaign coordination for maximum brand visibility and engagement.

Sales Professionals:

Proactively reaches out to potential clients, whether outbound or inbound sales, nurturing relationships and driving conversions through persuasive communication and strategic outreach.



Accountants / Bookkeepers:

Maintains accurate financial records, handles invoices, and assists in financial reporting to ensure fiscal stability and compliance.

Interlix vs In-house Staffing

Roles Average United States Costs Average cost of Interlix
Administrative Assistant
Marketing Specialists
Sales Professionals 

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